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Mike Wessel: "My Motivation Doesn't Come from My Haters"

Mike Wessel (12-4) feels the critics shouldn't count him out, as he looks to earn a victory and advance in Bellator's Season 7 heavyweight tournament.

"In this last fight with Ryan Martinez, I wasn't even supposed to last a round according to a whole lot of people," said Wessel on MMA Junkie. "I was supposed to get the sh*t kicked out of me, you know, but I didn't. I always believe in myself because if I don't, who's going to?"

Wessel will take on Richard Hale (19-4) in the quarterfinals of tonight's Bellator 75 event.

"My motivation doesn't come from my haters," said Wessel. "My family is the reason I'm in an elevation mask and I'm sweating my butt off and my legs are shaking when I'm training. I have to succeed. There is no other option. I just have to look at my family and ask myself, 'Where do we want to be?' Who couldn't use an extra hundred thousand dollars, you know."

The main card will air on MTV2 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

"I love the tournament format because it puts everyone on an even playing field," said Wessel. "It gives someone like me, who a lot of people might consider an underdog, a chance to shock some people. I love that."

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