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Mike Tyson’s New Zealand Visa Gets Canceled

Mike Tyson wanted to visit New Zealand to meet the indigenous Maori people who inspired his infamous face tattoo.

Unfortunately, they apparently didn’t want to meet him.

New Zealand canceled Tyson’s visa on Wednesday, citing his 1991 rape conviction as the main cause. As noted by CBS, this move comes on the heels of Prime Minister John Key speaking out against the visit – so you can probably connect the dots on why this went down the way it did.

Tyson was scheduled to speak at a “Day of Champions” event in Auckland. The proceeds, according to various reports, would have been directed to a children’s health charity. That was originally cited as the main reason why Tyson, a convicted felon who otherwise would have never gotten a visa, got approval in the first place.

Sadly, everything sort of fell apart when the children’s charity that was supposed to get the money said it wanted nothing to do with Tyson. That kind of killed the whole point of the trip.

As of right now, neither Tyson nor his people have released a statement on this matter.

(Kudos CBS)

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