Mike Tyson Loves the UFC

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Mike Tyson gave his approval for the UFC and mixed martial arts, as the former heavyweight boxing champion believes the sport is one of the best going right now. Tyson retired from boxing several years ago, but has been seen at many UFC events since.

"When I came up, my trainer was a boxing guy. If my guy was in UFC, I'd probably go that way. I love UFC, big time," said Tyson, during a recent interview with ESPN. "How could you not be (a fan)? They play UFC so much, you see it year-round, and you just have to want to be a fan. If you're not a fan, you're not cool."

Tyson, of course, has continued to remain in the mainstream media whether it be legal issues, his roles in movies such as "The Hangover," or his battle with bankruptcy.

In comparing MMA to boxing, Tyson said, "Wouldn't you want to have more than just your hands to fight with? You know how I feel; I got into a fight and bit Evander's (Holyfield) ear off. I didn't plan to do it, that's just how the mind thinks in that situation. I would love to do that stuff."

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