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Mike Swick is Looking Forward to Making a Statement at UFC on FOX: Shogun vs. Vera

Mike Swick has battled several injuries since his arrival in the UFC. In fact, UFC president Dana White recently referred to Swick as 'Mr. Glass' during a conference call.

Now, Swick is just days away from finally fighting again. Swick and DaMarques Johnson will compete on the main card this Saturday night at UFC on Fox: Shogun Vs. Vera from Los Angeles.

Swick found out he had an esophageal spasm after being misdiagnosed a number of times. After getting that issue resolved, he suffered a knee injury in training.

"To sit there and watch that many shows go by and not fight, it's really tough," Swick said. "But everyone's been super supportive and everywhere I go, people come up and shake my hand and show support; and they're excited for my return."

Swick has not fought since being choked out by Paulo Thiago in early 2010. In fact, since a four-fight win streak was stopped in 2009 by Dan Hardy, that's the lone fight Swick has been able to fulfill.

That, however, could become an asset for "Quick," as he doesn't have the wear and tear of several fights on his body.

"I think, in a way, I've preserved a lot of my athletic prime while dealing with my health issues," Swick said. "Over the last two years, I've not taken any damage to my body or head in a way that eight or 12 fights would have done."

Swick feels the bout with Johnson is a perfect way to return, adding, "it's gonna be a great match up for the fans." Swick is 14-4 in his career, while Johnson is 16-10.

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