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Mike Shanahan Plays a Clearly Hurt Robert Griffin III, Redskins Lose to Seahawks

In what was supposed to be a showcase matchup, Seattle came into D.C on Sunday and showed the Redskins exactly what it takes to go further in the playoffs. While Washington started the game strong with a 14-0 lead over the Seahawks after a quarter, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III never really looked comfortable on his sore right knee. By the fourth quarter, backup Kirk Cousins had to replace him, but the damage was already done.

Bad snaps by Redskins center resulted in fumbles, one of which lead to 3 points by Seattle and Griffin’s ultimate injury. The Washington blitz looked great – when it worked. If Russell Wilson didn’t run it up Washington’s gut, he found receivers short and far, left and right. The Redskins couldn’t even manage to get a first down in their last couple of possessions with Cousins in the pocket.

What about Griffin? Did Shanahan rush him back too soon? The Washington QB was obviously playing on a hurt knee – he hobbled around the field for 3-1/2 quarters. Redskins’ staff orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews has been openly vocal against the decision to let Griffin play. Of course the Redskins’ front office has no comment on that accusation.

The original LCL injury to the right knee occurred in a Dec. 9 win over the Baltimore Ravens. Griffin sat out one game, and fellow-rookie QB Kirk Cousins filled Griffin’s cleats nicely. But before being pulled in that game against the Ravens, Redskin coach Mike Shanahan put Griffin back in for a few plays before finally pulling him.

Shanahan was accused of mishandling a Griffin concussion in Week 5, and the team was fined $25,000. Shanny, taking the lead early in the race and running out of gas halfway through is no way to build a dynasty.

Still, even with a sprained knee, Griffin passed for two TDs and threw only one INT. After the mid-point of the season, Shanahan declared that the remainder of the year will be an evaluation period. Maybe it’s Shanahan who needs the evaluating, not the players on a solid Redskin team.


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