Mike Pierce Says MMA Needs Some Officiating Changes

For Mike Pierce at least, the decision rendered in the Nick Diaz-Carlos ConditUFC interim welterweight title fight wasn't the most controversial to emerge from the UFC 143 fight card.

Pierce took on top 170-pounder Josh Koscheck further down the UFC 143 main card and lost a controversial split decision, one that he recently told the Sherdog Radio Network's Savage Dog Show he still can't quite wrap his head around.

"For whatever reason the judges seemed to be the only ones -- well, two out of three judges seemed to be the only ones that thought I didn't win the fight," Pierce said "Everybody else thought I won the fight. Even Dana [White] was voicing his opinion, saying that he thought I won the fight too. FightMetric had me outstriking him and winning 29-28. Man, it's just craziness."

The loss is tough to swallow for Pierce; he knows that it's always a possibility to have a decision go the wrong way when a fight is left to the judges, but sometimes it's easier said than done to finish off an opponent of Koscheck's caliber. You can count the now 13-5 welterweight among those calling for change and consistency in overall MMA officiating.

"You've got to make sure you're the hands-down, clear-cut choice as to who the winner is, but sometimes that's hard … I mean, even GSP couldn't finish Josh Koscheck on two different occasions," he said. "It's not like he's an easy fight for anyone, but there probably could have been things I could have done maybe a little differently for it to be a little more clear for everyone to know that I was the winner. But at the same time I think fighters have to improve, I think judging has to improve. I think refereeing has to improve. I think a little consistency would go a long way."

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