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Mike Mucitell Reacts to Dan McGuane Being Pulled Off the Bellator 81 Fight Card

Mike Mucitelli (3-0) knew that his scheduled opponent Dan McGuane (3-0) was convicted of manslaughter because he simply researched the fighter when he was informed the two would meet. After the fight became official, word about McGuane's past surfaced and Bellator chose to release him before he could debut for the company.

"I found out about McGuane's conviction as soon as I heard he was to be my opponent," said Mucitelli to Cage Potato. "I like to do my research on my opponents and the first results that come up are about his history, not his MMA career."

McGuane and his twin brother were convicted of manslaughter in 2005 for killing an 18-year-old man they thought was speaking to a female acquaintance.

Mucitelli saw the act as being a coward and not representing MMA. He hoped to take the fight to show that bullying is wrong.

"I knew the full story about his conviction, and frankly, the events turned my stomach," said Mucitelli. "I don't believe that there's room in my sport for a representative such as him, so I was looking forward to showing the world that a martial artist who believes in the core values of martial arts could succeed over a bully who has always relied on physical/mental intimidation."

Bellator has decided to have Mucitelli compete in a 210 pound catchweight fight on the same card. He now takes on Matt Uhde (3-1) at tomorrow's Bellator 81.

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