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Mike Francesa Goes on a Ridiculous Rant About the New York Mets (Audio)

The New York Mets are terrible, so understandably random New Yorkers are now starting to get very testy about the red-headed stepchild of the East Coast baseball scene being really, really sorry.

In response to the Mets coming off a sweep at the hands of the Colorado Rockies and being 57-68 on the year (good for fourth in the NL East), infamous New York sports talking head Mike Francesa went on an epic, epic rant today.  

Now, the rant itself is pretty funny, but what’s all the funnier is realizing that someone cares about the L.A. Clippers of New York baseball enough to actually go off on a tirade like this.

Anyway, here is Francesa showing more heart than the object of his scorn has all year:


(Kudos The Big Lead)

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