Mike Brown Fired: Time Continues to be the Lakers' Biggest Problem


The big news out of Laker land today is that head coach Mike Brown has been fired. This news was immediately received with joy and celebration from Lakers fans. Taking a look at my Facebook newsfeed I see chants of “Phil, Phil, Phil, Phil.” Such things as “my prayers have been answered” and “player-coach time?” have also been uttered by Laker fans having visions of Phil back on his throne and Kobe doing things his way again. But what’s really in store for the Lakers?

Mike Brown was the problem? And what is the solution, then? It’s not necessarily the head coach. Mike Brown may have not been the solution, but it’s to hard tell if he was the problem.

The problem with the Lakers? Time.

We already know all the arguments as to why the Mike Brown firing is good for the Lakers. They just got rid of one perceived problem and now face a slew of new ones. But do they have time to bring in a new coach and be patient enough for him to implement new game plans, schemes, as well as waiting until the players get used to each other?

Kobe and Pau are getting older. Steve Nash is old and often laying at the end of the bench instead of manning the point. Who are Metta World Peace and Antawn Jamison at this point?

The Lakers, perhaps more than any other team, need to win a championship. This year or next year. It’s expected by their fans. It’s an expectation created by the roster they put together this year and the banners they’ve raised in years past.

We can point to Mike Brown. We can point to the turnovers, the defense, the Steve Nash injury, the underwhelming bench, the lack of time, the pressure.

It’s not any of those things. It’s all of those things.

Just two weeks into the season are the Lakers already running out of time? “Panic Button” has turned into the buzzword, the cliche sports journalist’s term used for this team through it’s 1-4 start. Well the Lakers pushed the panic button. We saw the result today.

Do they have a plan B? Do they have time?

All of us who aren’t die hard Lakers fans get to sit back and enjoy the real “Showtime” unfolding before us.


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