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Mike Board Sets New British Record for Longest Freedive

Former Royal Marine Mike Board plunged 315 feet underwater and made his way to the top of the British record books in the process. The 40-year-old held his breath for two minutes and 52 seconds, setting a record for deepest free-dive ever by a Brit, according to The Daily Mail.

Using a rope to guide himself in a straight line and wearing a wetsuit and flippers, the London native won his title during the recent free-diving championships which were held in the Bahamas.

Although it might stand to reason that drowning would be a diver’s biggest fear, Board was more worried about something else. “The air in your lungs gets really compressed. At about 40 meters down the lungs are crushed until they are about a quarter of their size and blood then enters them, protects them and stops them from getting smaller. You really aren't worried about having enough oxygen to get back to the surface, it’s more about not blacking out.”

The aquatically-inclined London native first became interested in free-diving while working as scuba diving instructor. He started off by having breath-holding contests with friends and quickly discovered that he had a knack for it. Board has been practicing free-diving for more than four years and currently runs a diving school in Indonesia with his girlfriend Kate.

Board shattered the previous British free-dive record of 91 meters set by Dave King in 2009. The world record for free-diving is currently held by New Zealander William Trubidge who made it 121 meters below the surface.

He might not have been able to capture Trubidge’s record, but Board is still pleased with the one he has. 'It was an immense relief to get the British record,” he said. “You try and tell yourself it doesn't matter but I had built it up because this record was the one I wanted.”


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