Mike Bloomberg's Daughter Georgina Fractures Spine in Horse Fall

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The daughter of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is in a Syracuse hospital after being seriously injured when she fell from her horse during a show-jumping event.

Georgina Bloomberg suffered a fractured spine and a concussion in the fall Friday night. The 27-year-old Bloomberg is considered one of the nation's top show jumpers.

Injuries are nothing new to her. Over the years she has broken her back, her collarbone, two wrists and an ankle -- and has suffered at least three concussions.

She was dressed as a witch for the high-speed "Gambler's Choice" event, where costumed riders attempt as many jumps as possible in 50 seconds. During the race, her saddle came loose and slid left as her horse neared a jump.

"As she approached the fence, you could kind of tell that she was getting a little unbalanced," said one spectator. "I didn't think it looked like something she couldn't recover from; I was somewhat surprised that she actually fell."

Bloomberg briefly lost consciousness and lay motionless as EMTs rushed to her side. She was able to get up and limp away on her own. But she wasn't immediately taken to a hospital.

"It wasn't until the following morning that she had back pain and went to the hospital," her publicist Kenneth Krause said. "I talked to her yesterday. She said her head was fine."

Krause said Bloomberg is expected to undergo a full examination on Monday.

Mayor Bloomberg did not make any immediate comments, but in an email his spokesman Stu Loeser said, "The mayor, of course, is very concerned, like any father would be."

Bloomberg made a brief statement about his daughter at a news conference on Monday:

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