MMA Analysis: Did Miguel Torres vs. Demetrious Johnson Steal UFC 130?

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In a fight that actually lived up to the hype, Miguel Torres dropped a close unanimous decision loss to Demetrious Johnson at UFC 130. The fight was rinse and repeat takedowns, sweeps, and sub attempts from beginning to end pushing the great prospect Johnson either on deck or one away from a title fight.

Johnson has passed every test the UFC has put in front of him with flying colors and a very tough opponent in Torres was yet another step on the ladder to the top for Mighty Mouse.

Round one began with a quick takedown from Johnson and a plethora of submission attempts and work off the back of Torres. Johnson escaped all of the submission attempts but narrowly lost the round 10-9. Johnson repeated his game plan in the second but exercised greater control and utilized his footwork and fast movement in the short time the fight was on the feet. The third began with a huge overhand by Johnson and a quick take down to which he used to take the back of Torres. Eventually the fight made it back to the feet for one final flurry by both fighters and quick takedown from Johnson sealing the deal on a very close fight.

Many feel Torres did enough fighting off his back to win the fight but the judges gave it to Johnson for control and dominant positions. Johnson has been on a tear ever since he dropped a loss to Brad Pickett in his early days of WEC fighting and has not looked back yet, continuing to wear down everything in his way. He may pose the wrestling poise to dethrone the king of the division and we will see soon enough what Joe Silva and the UFC have in store for Johnson.

Torres, even in defeat remains relevant in the division, proving he is still needed in the UFC and will most likely continue to be in the spotlight.

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