Miesha Tate Thinks Ronda Rousey is Getting too Much Credit


Miesha Tate (13-3) is glad that Ronda Rousey (6-0) is going to become the first female to fight inside the UFC's Octagon, but wants it made clear that it took more than one person to make it happen.

"It's not just Ronda, it's not just myself, that's for sure," said Tate to MMA Weekly Radio. "If Ronda's coming over to the UFC obviously there's going to be a division around that, it's not just Ronda. I know Ronda's getting a lot of the credit and what not, but she didn't have a lot to do with from the ground up."

Tate wanted to point out Gina Carano (7-1), Tara LaRosa (21-3), Marloes Coenen (2-5) and Molly Helsel (8-13) as the founders of female MMA. LaRosa and Coenen both competed this year for Invicta FC. Helsel last fought in 2011 and Carano in 2009.

"[Rousey's] getting a lot of the credit and the limelight, but people who follow the sport understand there was a lot more getting to this point," said Tate. "I hope people can recognize that and give all the women that have worked really hard some credit."

As for Tate's future, she thinks it's only a matter of time before she signs her own UFC contract.

"Dana's made it very clear that it's happening, and amongst personal talks with him and Sean [Shelby] and everyone I'm definitely pretty sure the UFC's in my future," said Tate.

Rousey defeated Tate in early 2012 to win the Strikeforce Bantamweight Championship. Just like all her previous fights, Rousey won in the first round with an armbar submission. Tate looks for a rematch, where she plans to hand Rousey her first defeat.

"I know a lot of people don't believe that Ronda can't be beaten, that's she's just untouchable, but I beg to differ," said Tate. "If I do get that rematch in the UFC, it's going to be one hell of a fight."

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