The Microsoft App That Predicted The World Cup Is Picking NFL Games Too


Microsoft’s Cortana, the company’s version of Siri, is now picking NFL game winners, and you’d be wise to pay attention. Why? Cortana accurately predicted 15 of 16 World Cup knockout games this summer. She even called Germany’s win over Brazil. Cortana knows her stuff.  

How does Cortana make such spot on picks? Here’s what Microsoft says goes into the equation:

“For pro football, we model the respective strengths of the teams by examining outcomes from previous seasons including wins, losses, and the very rare tie outcome (two games since 2009), factoring in margin of victories, location of contest, playing surface and roof cover (or lack thereof), weather and temperature conditions, scoring by quarters, and multiple offensive and defensive statistics. 

 In addition to this prior model, we identify fans on Web and Social sites and track their sentiment to understand the aggregate wisdom of this expressive crowd.  This introduces data which statistics alone cannot capture, providing real-time adjustments which surprisingly can capture injury news and other substantive factors in win probabilities.”

Got it? That’s all you need to do to be as smart as Cortana. Or, you know, you could just roll with her picks. Want to see Cortana’s picks for Week 1?

Here you go:

- Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks — Seahawks win (74.2% chance)

- New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons — Falcons win (61.4% chance)

- Minnesota Vikings at St. Louis Rams — Rams win (67.4% chance)

- Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers — Steelers win (70.2% chance)

- Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Philadelphia Eagles — Eagles win (75.4% chance)

- Oakland Raiders at New York Jets — Jets win (62.9% chance)

- Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens — Ravens win (59.8% chance)

- Buffalo Bills at Chicago Bears — Bears win (64.4% chance)

- Washington Redskins at Houston Texans — Texans win (51% chance)

- Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs — Chiefs win (64.4% chance)

- New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins — Patriots win (61.4% chance)

- Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Buccaneers win (56.6% chance)

- San Francisco 49ers at Dallas Cowboys — 49ers win (68.8% chance)

- Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos — Broncos win (77.8% chance)

- New York Giants at Detroit Lions — Lions win (61.4%% chance)

- San Diego Chargers at Arizona Cardinals — Cardinals win (58.2% chance)

H/T: Yahoo Sports


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