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Michigan Woman Kept Man’s Dead Body for 18 Months, Watched NASCAR with It

Linda Chase, 72, found herself on the wrong end of the law recently when police discovered that she had been hiding a friend’s dead, mummified body in his home.  

What did she do with that body? She watched NASCAR with it, apparently.

According to, Charles Williams Zigler was 67 or 68 when he died at some point in December of 2010. While his exact cause of death is unknown right now, Chase maintains that he passed in his sleep. Given his age and the fact that cops didn’t find any signs of foul play – that’s believable enough.

It’s the other part of this story that makes it really strange, though.

Instead of reporting Zigler’s death to the proper authorities, Chase opted to keep, dress and regularly clean him.

When she wasn’t taking care of the corpse, Chase would simply enjoy its company. Via the report:

She would talk to him and watch NASCAR races on television with him.

This peculiar situation was eventually discovered when some of Zigler’s family members became concerned about not hearing from him for a while. They contacted the police, who in turn went to his house and found him just sitting there in his chair.

Chase was questioned about her role in keeping and preserving Zigler’s body, but apparently no legal action was taken.

"It's not that I'm heartless. It's just that after so many bad things happen to you, I don't know," Chase told on Tuesday afternoon.

"I didn't want to be alone. He was the only guy who was ever nice to me."

As heart-wrenching as that is, this story becomes slightly less sad when you learn that Chase had also been cashing his benefits checks. She admitted this much to police.

"I'm probably going to prison," she said in the interview, also noting that she had asked police if there was a way to pay back the cashed checks.

"I told them the truth. I didn't lie about that."

What happens next? Time will tell. But it’s probably safe to say that this won’t improve people’s perceptions of NASCAR fans.

(Kudos MLive, Yahoo! Sports)

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