Michigan Wolverines Wide Receiver Accused of Punching Man (Video)


A surveillance video was released today that allegedly shows University of Michigan wide receiver Csont'e York sucker punching John Lavoie-Mayer outside a bar in Ann Arbor, Mich., on July 18 at 2:15 a.m.

Near the top of the frame of the surveillance video (below), York reportedly slugged Lavoie-Mayer, who dropped to the ground.

According to MLive.com, Lavoie-Mayer suffered a knocked-out tooth and a broken jaw. He was hospitalized, underwent surgery and had to use a breathing tube.

Police say that York and his teammate Da'Mario Jones got into a confrontation with Lavoie-Mayer whom York claimed bumped him. There was also an argument about sports.

“A group of people were arguing about football and hockey. Everyone was talking... crap," witness Gabriel Pogliano told police. "John was jaw-jacking. All [of a] sudden, the guy just came up and cold clocked John.”

York and Jones reportedly left the scene, but were arrested by Ann Arbor police officers at their college dorm at around 5:47 a.m.

“A group of dudes walked by and bumped me,” York told police. “He was [so] close to me that he elbowed me as he walked by.”

York also claimed that Lavoie-Mayer “walked up on” Jones.

“He pressed up on him face to face exchanging words for no reason,” York said in the police report. “I got [nervous] and scared about the situation so I hit the guy. I punched him.”

Jones told police that Lavoie-Mayer leaned into him and said, "You think you're really tough, you guys are some [expletive]."

"We ran away because we were scared," added Jones. "I think these guys were trying to antagonize us because we were athletes and they knew we could not do anything."

Michigan Wolverines coach Brady Hoke said in a statement on Aug. 3, "Csont’e York is suspended indefinitely for failing to meet team standards and will not report for fall camp. We demand that every person in our program represent the University of Michigan and the Michigan football program the right way on and off the field. When people fall short of that, there are consequences.”

According to the Detroit Free Press, York was charged with "one of aggravated assault and one of assault/battery against Lavoie-Mayer, and one of assault/battery against Pogliano" and will appear in court in Ann Arbor on Aug. 22.

Jones was not charged.

(Note: Punch happens at 20 second mark)

Sources: MLive.com, Detroit Free Press


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