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Michigan State Players Mock Michigan’s Denard Robinson on Twitter

If you didn't know before, now you know: Michigan and Michigan State players really don't like each other.

Following the Wolverines’ mildly embarrassing but pretty predictable 41-14 blowout loss to Alabama on Saturday night, a bunch of Spartans players took to Twitter to express their condolences (translation: to mercilessly taunt Denard Robinson).

As compiled by’s Diamond Leung:

"Is this guy really a QB I'll say my mans (walk-on Tommy Vento) is a better QB lol," linebacker Denicos Allen tweeted. "S/O to my boy vento by the way."

"DENARD IS SOOOO BAD!" safety Kyle Artinian tweeted. "And it makes me feel so good."

"I can play quarterback for the school in blue," linebacker Jamal Lylestweeted. "(Le'Veon Bell) for heisman > the other guy in the great state of michigan."

And when Dennard, who went 11-of-26 for the day, did finally complete one impressive pass, it garnered this reaction:

"Even a blind squirrel can get a nut ever once in a while...," running back Nick Hill tweeted after the play.

For what it’s worth – Michigan State beat a very formidable foe in Boise State 17-13 this week. Whether or not that gives them the right to talk this sort of smack is debatable obviously, however, it definitely gives them the right to talk some smack.

Of course, having Le'Veon Bell rush the ball 44 times probably isn’t an ideal recipe for long-term success, so maybe the Spartans would be wiser to focus on that than creative Twitter barbs.

Anyway, Michigan and Michigan State players will be able to resolve their beef once and for all when they square off on Saturday Oct. 20 at Michigan Stadium.


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