Michigan High School Forced To Tear Down Boys' Baseball Bleachers Due To Inequality With Girls' (Video)


A high school in Michigan is being forced to tear down bleachers funded by parents for their boys’ varsity baseball team after the U.S. Education Department for Civil Rights said that they are nicer than the girls’ softball bleachers, thus making the two sets of seats “no longer equal.”

Plymouth High School in Canton is cooperating with the government’s demands, but officials say they will keep the brand new bleachers until they’re able to renovate the ones for the softball team. Right now, school superintendent Michael Meissen says that there are no funds to enhance the quality of the girls’ bleachers, but that they are doing all they can to try and get them on par with the boys’ bleachers.

According to reports, the Education Department started an investigation into the equality of the bleachers after receiving an anonymous complaint. The boys’ bleachers were put up six years ago by a group of parents who raised funds to get the upgraded, elevated seats so that they could see the baseball games without having to look through a chain-link fence.

Now, the Education Department says that until the two sets of bleachers are equal in quality, the boys’ seats have to come down. Despite the school not having the money to upgrade the girls’ bleachers, they do say a new scoreboard is being put up at that field this year.


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