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MLB News: Young, Beltre, Lee, Rangers

Will someone please tell me why the Texas Rangers would want to trade Michael Young and replace him with Adrian Beltre? In March of 2007, Young signed an $80 million, five-year contract extension to remain with the Texas Rangers through 2013.

The Rangers recently told Young that he would not be traded, but it now seems like they don't want to be saddled with the $48 million remaining on Young's contract.

As news spreads like wildfire on the internet, you probably have already heard that Texas is interested in Adrian Beltre and would need to shed Young in order to make that signing happen. The Rockies, Angels and Cubs are rumored to all have varying levels of interest in Young with Colorado being mentioned as the most talked about in a deal involving outfield prospect Charlie Blackmon. There are also reports that this deal needs a third party involved as Rockies don't appear to be able to get this done on their own.

If the Rangers don't want to be on the hook for the 3 years $48 left on million Young's contract, why would they try to sign Belltre who would certainly command at least if not more than the $16 million per year that Young's contract comes out to?

Why would the Rangers mess with a position where they already have certainty? While Young may not put up Beltre's numbers, he's as solid and consistent as they come and as evidenced by last year's World Series run, you can win with Michael Young as your third baseman.

This wouldn't be decreasing their team salary, it would be increasing it! Don't they have more pressing needs to fill than to tinker with a position that is already solidified with a solid veteran?

This is a pretty confusing set of circumstances given the fact that they are hoping that they get the right to over pay for Cliff Lee too, particularly for one that has recuperating from such financial trouble.

It will be interesting to revisit The Rangers circumstances in hindsight after all their off season moves have been completed. - Mike Cardano

Mike is the founder of Around the Horn Baseball & Xtra Point Football.

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