Michael Vick Comes Through in the Clutch for Atlanta Falcons

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Only a few years ago, the Atlanta Falcons reached an unprecedented feat after a judge held Michael Vick had to repay a portion of his signing bonus, a portion usually considered guaranteed, due to his extracurricular activities.

Many said Michael Vick would never be able to afford to pay back the $6.5 million, but our former disappointment has paid off his creditors, followed by cutting a check to the the team that used to pay him significant amounts of money to usually lose to the Browns and Lions.

According to the NFL, the Falcons would receive a cap credit equal to any amount Vick actually paid to Atlanta.  No one expected the guy going into bankruptcy and federal prison to suddenly throw the football somewhat accurately enough to be able to pay this amount back.  Ever.

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And yet, it has happened.  Vick got out of jail, was signed by the Eagles, got the backup position, briefly started, and then signed a $100 million+ contract, despite prior history showing such a decision may be foolish.  The Eagles did it anyways, and Vick managed to pay us back, at least to the tune of $3 million, with assumably the remaining $3.5 million to come next year.

Well, Atlanta has an extra $3 million to play around with this year.  This is great news for a team short on cap space, and the extra room may allow Atlanta to make a few minor splashes (or potentially ripples) and sign a few veteran players, like Antwan Odom or Marcus McNeill and allow for plenty of space to sign our rookie group.  

Thanks Michael Vick, for finally coming through for Atlanta in crunch time.

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