Michael Jordan’s 1997-1998, $33 Million Contract Being Auctioned Off


When you are one of the best to ever play a certain sport, your value is sometimes displayed by the amount of money your contract is worth. Which is not a surprise why someone like Michael Jordan would be paid the largest single-season contract in NBA history.

Jordan was paid $33 million by the Chicago Bulls for the 1997-1998 season. That year, Jordan was worth the money, winning his sixth and final NBA title and NBA Finals MVP, as well as his fifth and final regular seasons NBA MVP award.

Have you ever wondered how much the actual document Jordan signed is worth? Well, we are about to find out.

ESPN reported that Heritage Auctions in Dallas is going to auction off the actual contract. The contract features Jordan’s signature as well as his initials on each page.

Although Jordan was paid $33 million, the winner of the contract will not have to pay that much money. Heritage Auctions estimated the contract to be worth $30,000. However, the price of the contract may surpass the estimated value. The auction is set to end Thursday, July 24, and the highest bid has already reached $28,000.

Today, Jordan’s contract would have paid $49 million to Jordan accounting for all economic factors.

Jordan is widely considered the greatest to ever play in the NBA and his contract is certainly an indicator of his talents. Based on the value of the actual contract today, it will be long time before it is worth the $33 million Michael Jordan was paid that season.


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