Michael Johnson Plans to Take Out Myles Jury at UFC 155


The UFC's annual New Year's Eve card is just around the corner and lightweight Michael Johnson (12-6, MMA) is set to scrap with Ultimate Fighter Live alumnus, Myles Jury (10-0, MMA). A win for Johnson at UFC 155 on December 29th would be his fourth consecutive victory in 2012 and he has plans to achieve it in devastating fashion.

"I'd love to go in here and get a knockout. I train to get knockouts and finish fights. You know, I love going in there to fight the full fifteen minutes, but you know, I'd love to go in there and get a great knockout," Johnson said to MMA Fight Corner.

Currently 4-1 in his last five, Johnson's last win was a come from behind victory which he earned by way of knockout. At UFC on FX 5, Johnson faced Danny Castillo and was dominated and almost finished in the first round. As he prepares to square off against Jury, Johnson explained what's been his driving force behind what he's accomplished this year.

"Success is pushing me. There's no other feeling like winning. I took that loss to Paul Sass and I really took it personal man, that's one of the worse feelings in the world, especially to lose at the UFC level. I think that's worse than losing at a level before that, you know, because you got so much eyes on you. I just wanted to get back on the winning side and keep it rolling. Like I said, success motivates me and you know, I'm in this thing for one thing and that's to win the title, I gotta keep winning to do that."

A couple years ago, Johnson trained with Myles in San Diego, CA . They were both there prepping Jeremy Stephens for an upcoming bout. Needless to say, the two got close with each other while working out together.

"Me and Miles are very familiar with each other. We're kind of friends, we're not the best of friends, but I do consider him a friend of mine. He's a great technical guy, he's really good on the ground and a really good, well-rounded fighter, obviously he's undefeated. I'm just really excited to get in here and fight."

Johnson further stated, their friendship won't be tested, no matter what happens in the fight.

"We'll be friends after, right now, he's the most hated person in my life," he joked. "Right after I get in there and finish it, we'll go back to being friends."

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