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Michael Bisping Wants to Fight Anderson Silva

Michael Bisping waits to hear if he's next to try and stop Anderson Silva's (33-4) UFC run, but the rumor that Georges St-Pierre (22-2) might be next has Bisping taking notice. If the two champions were to fight, which Bisping thinks his doubtful on St-Pierre's part, he has Silva clearly getting the win.

"It sounds to me, reading between the lines, I don't think GSP' is really keen on it," said Bisping on MMA Junkie. "I think he realizes that it's not a good fight for him, to be honest. He's said it's a giant pain in the a** to always talk about Anderson Silva, and I'm sure it would be a giant pain in the jaw, as well."

As Silva remains with two fights on his contract and already staking his claim as one of the best in the MMA world, Bisping understands that he must careful in selecting several of final opponents. It also annoys Bisping who is looking to challenge for UFC gold for the first time.

"It is frustrating, but I also understand it," said Bisping. "I understand it from Silva's perspective. I understand it from the UFC's perspective.

Bisping still isn't confident the Silva vs. St-Pierre will happen.

"Who knows if they'll step up and try and fight each other," said Bisping. "I'll just be waiting for my shot."

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