Michael Bisping Talks About Chael Sonnen, Possible Rematch

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While rumors of Anderson Silva's knee injury persist, it would appear as though the UFC middleweight champ will move forward in defending his title against Chael Sonnen next month.

However, when the rumors first leaked onto the internet, things seemed much less certain. At one point, there was an exchange between Michael Bisping and Sonnen (who fought each other in January, with Sonnen taking a controversial decision over the Brit) over Twitter that made it seem as though Sonnen would be fighting Bisping instead of Silva, possibly for an interim title. On a recent episode of UFC Tonight, Bisping shed some light on the whole exchange.

"The thing is, to be honest, direct messages on Twitter, it's personal, it's private and I think it would be improper of me to divulge that information. But, when have you known me to do the proper thing?

"So here we have the information," Bisping said as he pulled out his cell phone. "I was actually sat in the doctors surgery when this came through. 'Alright man, here's my guess. You're not hurt, and we are rematching. If I'm right, give me a clue in your next tweet: Include the word 'lad' in your next tweet. And I'm sat in the doctor's surgery and I'm like 'What in the hell is this guy talking about?' Obviously, he's quaking in his boots at the thought of a rematch, because he knows I won the last fight, and he doesn't want to fight me again. Then, another one came through, 'Alright, conspiracy is theory over. Get well soon.' So, ya know, planet Chael strikes again."

You can check out Bisping's appearance below:

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