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Michael Bisping Mocks Urijah Faber

The size of a fighter apparently doesn't matter to Urijah Faber (26-6). Earlier this week he revealed that he was interested in fighting Michael Bisping (23-4).

"I think I'd go well," said Faber on MMA Inside The Cage TV. "I think I'd have an advantage on the ground. Although I have a great big chin here, I think he'd have trouble getting to it. So it'd be an interesting fight. I would do it. Let's do it Bisping, we can do it on the internet. We can do some sparring, or charge people and have an exhibition bout."

After Bisping heard of the challenge, he went to Twitter where he laughed off a possible fight.

HAHAHHAHAA I JUST LAUGHED SO HARD. I didn't know faber was serious. Jesus, all those failed title fights must ofmessed his brain up.

— michael (@bisping) October 4, 2012

Since Bisping is around 50 pounds heavier, Faber knows that he would need to avoid any major blows but feels he can take the middleweight down.

"I wouldn't wanna take a clean punch from the guy because he's so much bigger, but you know, for those that know martial arts, getting hit on the button is the scary thing and I think he'd have trouble hitting me," said Faber.

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