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Michael Bisping Has a Serious Problem with TRT

Michael Bisping isn't afraid to let his words fly regardless of the situation. Bisping, who is set to face Brian Stann at UFC 152: Benavidez Vs. Johnson in September, disclosed his feelings on fighters who use testosterone replacement therapy while appearing on The MMA Show recently.

"I think it's absolute nonsense, rubbish, (expletive). Listen, we all get old, we all grow up, you know?" said Bisping (thanks to for transcribing). "At some point, as you start getting older, your balls don't work as well and you don't make as much testosterone. That's life."

Bisping added that he isn't sure where the use of TRT should start and finish, saying, "I'm 33, I'm not making the same amount as a 21-year-old, but I make more than a 40-year-old. Where do we draw the line? It's nonsense."

Such fighters like Chael Sonnen, Forrest Griffin and Todd Duffee have been granted TRT exemptions in the past. The fighters are required to perform several extra tests to make sure their levels are consistent.

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