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Predictions and Expectations of Miami 'Three-Heat'

The dust has settled. Free agency is coming to an end and summer league is over. The shock waves of Bosh, James and Wade teaming up in South Beach have been felt for weeks now and have become old news.

That is what happens when we live in a Twitter-universe where athletes have the power to host their own prime-time special on where they will be wearing a uniform next year. Now that we are at this point, lets take a look at some of the thoughts surrounding the Miami Three-Heat.

Prediction: One of the three gets injured

Lesson in life, don’t mess with karma and don’t go on the cover of Madden. These three super-stars are messing with the basketball gods and they are not going to be happy. It is like getting a birdie and walking up to the next tee box like Johnny Drama only to top the ball and not get it past the woman’s tees.

D. Wade has always had injury problems, Bosh has been hurt off and on and Lebron is due. One of these guys is tearing an ACL, rupturing an Achilles or something season-ending. The question is how are they going to do it? I think the basketball gods will pull something good out of their hat. I am thinking a one of them slips on a spilled drink in a Miami beach club, just a matter of time.

Is there anybody happier than Kobe Bryant?

I know this seems strange. Why is Kobe happy there is a better team than his, won’t that prevent him from winning an NBA Championship?

Just imagine if the Lakers and Kobe beat the Miami Heat next year with all three superstars playing. Talk about the ultimate hurdle for Kobe to cross to cement his legacy. Instantly, Kobe becomes entrenched as the top two basketball player to ever play the game and is in discussion with Jordan. Yes, in discussion.

Kobe has to be licking his chops and watch out for him next year. He has the Jordan-esque killer instinct that Lebron lacks and Wade has to an extent–interesting to see if Wade still has this killer instinct with this star-studded team.

Thanks Lebron, Bosh and Wade for running professional basketball

Is there anything more disheartening than their exuberant showmanship? I mean you had the prime-time special and the Apollo Creed-esque introduction ceremony in Miami with them dancing and wearing Heat uniforms. Despicable.

Unfortunately, now the standards are raised. Every player will try to one up what these guys did. We already see it in college when the blue chip high school recruit lays hats on a table and then picks which one they are going to school with. It is just going to keep on getting worse, and players will now be the focus of how the message will be brought out. Why? Because it is all about recruiting now and the power goes from the institutions to the individuals.

The NBA could needs to take lessons from the NFL. The largest sports league in America will never really face these problems because of their salary cap structure (hard-cap), too many players on a roster (one player doesn’t make the difference like in the NBA), the league is bigger than the player. The last point is probably the most important and the one the NBA has the most control over. The NBA is always about putting the player out there first and the team and league second. Until this reverses, we will stuck in this minutia of ugliness.


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