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Miami Marlins Tickets Now Selling for Less than $2.00

The Miami Marlins play in a place called Marlins Park. The reason that you probably didn’t know where the Marlins played is the same reason that nobody knows where the Marlins play – because nobody actually bothers attending their games.

Despite the $500+ million poured into the building of the team’s stadium, very few people in South Florida seem to want to attend the games. After initially selling out on Opening Night, the Marlins’ attendance has steadily dropped like a rock off a cliff. Be it because the team is mired in 18-17 mediocrity, Ozzie Guillen’s strangely irksome behavior this year, or some other unknown reasons – the ballpark’s attendance has petered off in embarrassing fashion recently.

As a point of reference: only 25,666 people showed up to watch the Marlins fall to the Pittsburgh Pirates on Monday night. The third smallest crowd on record.

So it stands to reason that, between the Marlins not being great and nobody actually wanting to watch the games, ticket prices would dip dramatically. Currently, as per StubHub, you can get tickets to any of the Marlins’ next five games for anywhere from $1.70-$3.00.

What does that mean for you? Well, it means that if you want to have a nice, enjoyable baseball experience for only $3.00, you should go to the store, buy a big bag of chips, go home, sit down on your couch, and then watch the Dodgers play on TV.

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