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Miami Heat Going After Erick Dampier?

It’s no secret that there are two huge areas the Miami Heat still have weaknesses in: point guard and center.

While the point guard position will likely be filled by someone on the roster (LeBron James or Dwyane Wade in spurts) because there are no quality point guards available in free agency, a good center just became available.

The Charlotte Bobcats, as most expected them to do, released center Erick Dampier -- and his $13 million, non-guaranteed contract -- to avoid luxury tax. Originally acquiring him from the Dallas Mavericks as part of a five-team deal, the Bobcats made no secret of wanting to cut the center as fast as they could.

If Dampier clears waivers by Friday, he could become a free agent and sign with any team that would want him.

Recently, Dampier told The Miami Herald he does not have any preferences in terms of teams that he wanted to sign with, but he was impressed with what Miami did over the summer.

However, keep in mind, the Heat could only offer Dampier a deal for the veteran’s minimum of about $1.3 million.

Earlier today the Houston Rockets made Dampier a two-year contract offer, but he has yet to make any comments on the matter.

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