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Miami Heat Get Snazzy New Uniforms for 2011-12 NBA Season

While all of the other contenders have been shuffling and re-shuffling and re-re-shuffling their rosters, the Miami Heat has kept it really cool and steady. As the Dallas Mavericks watched a defensive centerpiece head for the bright lights of New York and the Los Angeles Lakers awkwardly fumbled away a key component of their roster, the Heat adopted the less is more approach: less attention and less scrutiny leads to more success.

To date, last year’s NBA Finals losers have made only the mildest of adjustments to their roster, limiting their transactions to ones that add defense and boost chemistry. No loud and risky trades, no suspect acquisitions. The Heat realize they were close to winning a title last year, and the prospect of rocking the boat is the furthest thing from their minds.

All that being said, the otherwise risk-averse Heat did make one adjustment for the new year. They introduced some nifty new black uniforms.

Via Yahoo! Sports:

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What do you think? Yay or nay on Miami’s alternate wardrobe?

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