Miami Heat Demand More Hype, File a Lawsuit

Forget record ticket sales, primetime infomercials, dedicated Web sites and just as many national TV dates as the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Miami Heat needs more publicity.

This past week, the Heat filed a breach of contract suit against Clear Channel for failing to give it the same type of preferential treatment as the Miami Dolphins. According to the suit, the new-look Heat claim Clear Channel allows the Dolphins additional team shows that the NBA is also entitled to under the current deal. (Somebody really wants to know more about the Dolphins?)

On top of that, the Dolphins also have their games aired on an FM station that has a much clearer signal than the lowly AM station that apparently broadcasts the Heat's games to the edge of the stadium parking lot.

According to the contract between the Heat and Clear Channel, the Miami basketball team has “a most favored nation status.” That status, apparently, entitles them to getting anything that is offered by the radio company to any other team (translation: if you have it, we want it).

The entire situation is coming to a head on October 31 when...

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