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Miami Heat Begs for Fan Support with New 'Fan Up' Campaign

Wow. You can’t even make up this kind of pathetic garbage.

Apparently overpriced tickets -- coupled with fans who don’t know a pick-and-roll from a sushi roll -- has translated into a lot less fan support than the Miami Heat had been hoping for. Sure the Heat are selling tickets, but fans are showing up late, not cheering very loud, leaving early and just acting disinterested.

So, like any desperate organization in America, the marketing team got busy creating a can't-miss campaign to inject enthusiasm into its constituents.

And here's the result: In order to “teach” their fans how to “fan up” (stay with us, we’re not making this up), the powers that be have devised this hilarious campaign in the form of a to-do list:

"Fan Up means being in your seat for tipoff ... and staying there until the final buzzer.

Fan Up means standing up and making some noise for your Miami Heat.

Fan Up means there is nothing fashionable about showing up late.

Fan Up means the early bird gets the goodies (note: we'll provide the goodies).

Fan Up means "Why would you want to miss one second of what's gonna go down this season?"

Fan Up means ... Everywhere you go, everyone will know you're a Miami Heat fan!

It's time to show that Heat fans do deserve this team, and this opportunity. It's time to show what real Miami fans are made of.

It's time to fan up."


Somewhere, all 19 Los Angeles Clippers fans are sitting there and marveling at the Heat's level of desperation. And keep in mind: This is a franchise that won the NBA title in 2006, and it has two of the most recognizable faces in the league -- LeBron James and Dwyane Wade -- on its roster.  

Apparently, there was also a video component released for this campaign in October. Check it out HERE.

Also, add the site on Facebook.


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