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Why LeBron James Picked Miami Over Cleveland, NY and Chicago

June 8, 2010: a day that will live in infamy. Okay, not really, but it was the day that changed the NBA landscape for years to come. As a life-long Miami Heat fan, I’m more than excited to be a fan of one of the best trios to ever play the game of basketball.

Yet as a sports fan, I have some misgivings about “The Decision” and LeBron’s actions on the whole. While “The King” has got a lot of deserved heat, I believe he made the decision that best fit him, not only in basketball but also his personality.

On the basketball side of things, he went to the place where he can win the most championships. He’s playing with one of the best players in the league and a very good big man in Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. The team has a chance to win more championships than Jordan, Magic, Bird, or West ever won. The trio has already penciled in 6 championships and feel unstoppable. LeBron will win his championships that he and everyone seem to crave so much but some will say he could have done that anywhere.

Let’s take a look at his other options in Cleveland, New York and Chicago.

Cleveland. Sorry, but they couldn’t get it done with Lebron before and didn’t make any changes so they’re out. New York was abysmal last year in gearing up for this summer (oops). They brought in Amare Stoudemire and were looking for other players but they didn’t make a championship team for The King this year. Chicago is a different story though. The Bulls have a great core in rising star Derrick Rose, warrior Joakim Noah and new addition Carlos Boozer. With a superstar, Chi-town could have taken the ring in 2011 and been in contention for years to come. Chicago could be very good without LeBron but could have been a great team and may have been a squad to rival Jordan’s teams.

So what set apart Miami from Chicago for LeBron? Friendship. We’ve all heard that Bosh, Bron, and Wade are best friends. If that’s true, and it problably is, LeBron’s decision was easier than we thought. Friendship took the Heat over the top for him. Two of your best friends and championships galore made South Beach the place to be for Lebron. Along with the basketball allure, Miami and LeBron have th same personality.

Let’s face it: LeBron wants to win championships but he really wants to have fun. Lebron has proved this a million times; he dances around during games, he takes fake pictures of his team before games, and goes out after games. LeBron’s actions are everything that old school fans hate and new school fans love. He has fun all the time and doesn’t apologize for it. He may not be the King but maybe the King of fun.

So, knowing this, Miami is Lebron’s heaven. Miami is the LeBron equivalent in a city; it loves glitz, celebrity, “wow”, and everything glamorful. He already got a taste of this at his intro party at the American Airlines Arena. The fans came out in droves to rejoice in his celebrity more than his skill. LeBron and Miami are the perfect fit for each other. His other options didn’t offer the same mix of glitz and fun.

Again sorry, but Cleveland can’t even compete with Miami in any category. Chicago would have the same marketability but it doesn’t have the same air of fun and partying. New York comes, close but considering the pressure on him from the fans, he wouldn’t have enjoyed the bright lights as much. South Beach gives Lebron the best mix of basketball glory and personality. Miami truly is fit for a king.


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