MFC's Mark Pavelich is a Women's MMA Fan, Apparently

With the UFC teasing the idea of having their first female fight, one well known promotion doesn't agree. Mark Pavelich, CEO of Canada's MFC who have been in business for 13 years, just doesn't see females and MMA mixing well together currently.

"I'm not really against it," said Pavelichon on MMA Junkie Radio. "I just wouldn't do well at it. It's a shame because I think the hard work they're doing is phenomenal."

Pavelich looks to create divisions that will have a long lasting stability. With the current lack of depth in females who compete in MMA, Pavelich thinks it's too soon. He went on say that in five years in could become a reality as the sport continues to be inspired by the likes of the current female Strikeforce champion Ronda Rousey (6-0).

"I'm a builder, and I build divisions," said Pavelich. "My fear would be that I would do female MMA and sign three or four girl fighters, and I'm going to have nothing after that."

MFC returns to action on October 26 in a event titled Explosive Encounter. It takes place from Edmonton, Alberta and will air on HDNET.

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