MLB: Mets Trading David Wright, Mariners, Jeremy Guthrie, Kurt Suzuki

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Mets To Trade David Wright?

David Wright, and not Jose Reyes, may be the one on the move as it’s not a foregone conclusion that Reyes is the one who will be gone . General manager Sandy Alderson instead may choose to deal Wright next offseason, a source familiar with the organization’s thinking told

“It will be a very ticklish situation because of what David has meant to the team for so long, but that’s not a concern of Sandy,” the source said. “There will be some capital there to spend on Reyes if they choose to go that direction. Now, he can’t obviously get monster money. If Reyes wants monster money, no, the Mets won’t keep him.”

Mariners Conceding Nothing

Seattle Mariners first baseman Justin Smoak launched a three-run home run with two out in the bottom of the eighth as a thrilling May concluded with a 3-2 come-from-behind victory over the Orioles. The Mariners ended the month of May with a 15-11 record, their first winning month since June of last year.

Most pundits predicted a doom and gloom season for Seattle, finishing in last place. In fact in NY, you can still hear Yankee fans on the airwaves calling for the Yankees to trade for Felix Hernandez under the assumption that the Mariners would be out of it. Don’t look now but Seattle is 28-26 and just a half-game back of first-place Texas in the American League West.

Jeremy Guthrie a Stud Pitcher?

Baltimore Orioles pitcher Jeremy Guthrie, who finished with an 8 inning complete game 5 hit, 1 walk 9 strikeout performance Tuesday night is familiar with a lack of run support. In five of his previous 10 starts this year, the Orioles haven’t scored a run while he was in the game, and in his 20 losses since the beginning of 2010, they’ve averaged 1.2 runs per start.

Pitching in the toughest division in baseball, in 75 innings Guthrie has now posted a 3.24 ERA and a WHIP of 1.106. There are many teams that do not have number one starters with those metrics. I’ve argued for a long time that Guthrie, who will eat up innings, although not having high win or strikeout totals, is the best $1 Fantasy Baseball pitcher in the game. With the amount of innings he pitches and the positive effect on the ERA and WHIP categories, you can’t go wrong. While you can get him for $1 anywhere any time, it won’t be for long.

Get Guthrie while you can as he is now a prime candidate to be traded at the MLB trade deadline, as there is considerable interest from multiple contenders. A move out of the AL East to a contender in the second half of the season will help Guthrie’s pitching metrics even more, including enhancing his win total as well. If he’s a free agent in your league, go get him for a $1. If he’s on someone else’s roster, trade him a box of cookies for him, you won’t be sorry you did.

Oakland A’s G.M. Billy Beane Tells Catcher Kurt Suzuki Not To Block The Plate

Beane is the 1st GM to give such a directive. I don’t know that letting the runner score is the best way to go about this. How about if you have a good hitting catcher,  get him out from behind the plate!

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