Mets Fan Runs onto Field After Santana's No-Hitter, Gets Arrested, Misses Son’s 1st Birthday

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Up until this past Friday night, no New York Mets pitcher had ever thrown a no-hitter. That’s over 50 years of failure in the no-hitter department, to go along with all of the other disappointment that the Mets are known for. And so, given the history that plagues them at every turn, you can’t blame fans of New York's other team for being really, really giddy after Johan Santana threw the first no-no in franchise history.

Unless of course you’re New York police, that is. If you’re New York police not only can you blame them for it, you can also cuff them, arrest them and hold them in jail for two nights.

That’s the lesson that Rafael Diaz, 32, learned the hard way last Friday. You see, in the seconds following Santana's final pitch, as he was being embraced by his teammates in that heartwarming circle that the cameras zoomed in on, there was someone there that wasn’t one of his teammates.

Check it out (via the NY Post):

Yup, there on the right side, that’s Diaz.

“I was overcome with emotion, just being a die-hard Mets fan,” Diaz told the NY Post after his release from jail. “That’s all it was.”

Apparently that excuse doesn’t fly with the boys in blue. Diaz was arrested for his troubles and held in jail for two days – long enough to miss his one-year-old son’s first birthday party on Saturday. He also got banned for life from Citi Field.

When asked if it was worth it, Diaz danced around saying yes like he wanted to by saying, “You’ll have to ask my wife that.”

Clearly to Diaz, running onto the field for the Mets’ first ever no-hitter -- even if it meant missing his son’s first birthday -- was worth it. As a sports fan, I can get with that logic.

Too bad it wasn’t really a no-hitter, though.

(Kudos NY Post, Sports Grid)

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