NFL: Merriman Does Some Tough Math for Bills


The Buffalo Bills played very hard in 2010, but it didn’t always translate to wins. We give them a lot of credit, but they played better than their 4-12 record would indicate. But, we’re struggling with something. We have no idea how many more wins they’d need before they’d become a 9-7 or 10-6 team.

How can we figure that out? Is there a special calculator or some kind of weird software that could crunch that data? No? Well, we’ll just have to ask Shawne Merriman.

“Well see what happen is most of the people looking from the outside-and-in they look at the end of the game,” Merriman said in a recent radio interview. “They look at stats, they look at numbers, they look at what the commentators say or whatever the case is. You can’t do that with this team. You know you can’t do that with us now because if you look at it like the statistics and all those things you are going to get the wrong impression of what kind of football players are on that team. They’re probably 4 or 5 games away from being a 9-7 or a 10-6 team easily.”

Photo Caption:“Now, if I had four or five more fingers, I’d have probably 14 or 15 fingers. But forget that for a second, because if I had eight more fingers…”

Wow, that’s pretty impressive. He probably had that written in front of him though while he was doing the interview. No one just pulls that kind of stuff out of their rear end. This guy is a lot smarter than we thought. I wonder if Chan Gailey heard this interview. Maybe he’d want Merriman’s input on upcoming game plans.

I think the best part though is that he still got it wrong. Four more wins is 8-8. Five more is 9-7.


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