Meriweather Was the Shooter in Incident?


Last week, an attorney in Florida claimed that New England Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather pulled the trigger of a gun at a party. The problem? It grazed one person and hit another in the head. That’s no good.

But then, a member or two of Meriweather’s family (why would they lie?) said that while Meriweather was at the party, he was not the one who fired the gun. So that’s that, right?

Not exactly. Now, Dino Costa of Sirius Mad Dog Radio cites an “impeccable source” who says that Meriweather was indeed the one who fired the gun. Costa also said that there is now talk that the two victims aren’t exactly alive.

That’s umm….kind of a big deal.

Florio of PFT makes a good point to that part of it. The attorney who originally claimed that Meriweather did it, said at the time that the victims told him they think it was Meriweather. So, unless they were in the hospital and didn’t pull through, we’d have to think that these victims are still amongst the living.

Stay tuned on this one. Let’s see if the Patriots take a safety high up in the draft.


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