MLB: Time for Giants Brian Sabean to Shut Up About Cousins, Posey


So Brian Sabean says the Giants will have a long memory regarding the play on which Scott Cousins barrelled into Buster Posey, who suffered a broken leg on the play. Evidently Posey has  brushed away all attempts by Cousins to contact him. Sabean went so far as to call the play “premiditated” and “malicious”. Really? Seriously? If by premeditated Sabean meant Cousins was trying to win the game, then sure I agree. If by malicious he meant a hard hit, then yeah he’s right again.

Listen, I’m sorry to see a young and exciting player gone for the rest of the year, and I certainly understand Posey being a little bitter. BUT, the reaction from the Brian Sabean and the Giants organization is a joke. The play was clean and hard. Cousins didn’t even hit the leg that was injured and his first reaction after the play was to check on Posey to see if he was okay. The play was very reminiscent of the Pete Rose/Ray Fosse collision in the 1970 All-Star game. That play is always used to symbolize Pete Rose’s hustle and desire to win. Scott Cousins may be no Pete Rose, but he doesn’t deserve the acidity that is coming his way.

Where was Sabean when an equally talented young catcher, Carlos Santana had his season ended last year by a collision with Ryan Kalish? In that play Kalish actually made direct contect with the knee, although Santana admittedly hung himself out to dry.

Memo to Brian Sabean and the San Francisco Giants: You can whine about losing your golden boy and watch the season go down the drain, or you can ride your starting pitching back to the playoffs.

Memo to Buster Posey: Lose the bitterness and throw Cousins a line. From watching you play, I’m betting you would have done the same thing if it meant winning a ballgame.

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