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Memo to Seahawks Fans: Russell Wilson is Not the Answer

When Pete Carroll named Russell Wilson the starter in Seattle, I made sure to grab him in all my fantasy leagues and then I talked him up like he should have been the No. 1 overall pick.

He was great at NC State!

He was great at Wisconsin!

So what if he’s small! Size is overrated for quarterbacks! Just look at Ryan Leaf! He was tall!


Yeah…maybe size isn’t overrated. Or maybe Wilson isn’t the second coming. He’s definitely inspirational, and I should be arrested for how many stories I read about his work ethic and his belief in his own ability. But Tim Tebow believes in his ability too, and he can’t even start for the Jets.

Perhaps I overrated the inspirational stuff a little bit. In five games, he’s thrown more picks than touchdowns, has thrown for over 200 yards only once and his team is only above .500 because the replacement refs were scared of Pete Carroll so they gave a gift touchdown at the end of the Packers game.

He looks unsure of himself, he doesn’t look overly accurate and I’m not sure the Seahawks – who are actually decent as a team – can survive or make a playoff chase with him under center. It sucks, because it would be so cool if he was good. He’s such an easy guy to root for. Maybe it’s Matt Flynn time.

There’s also the chance that he’s just a rookie who is developing and will take some time, which is fine, but I’d convinced myself that he was going to be better than Andrew Luck, RGIII, Ryan Tannehill and Jesus Christ.

Even Lance Armstrong isn’t crazy enough to believe that. At least I admit when I was wrong.

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