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Memo to Juan Manuel Marquez: Stop Poking Manny Pacquiao

At a certain point, shouldn’t you learn your lesson?

Juan Manuel Marquez has been trying to do just about everything imaginable to give himself a mental edge over Manny Pacquiao in preparation for their November 12 match. He’s drank his own urine. He’s made bold proclamations. He’s drank his own urine. He’s tweaked his fighting style. And, did we mention he drank his own urine?

Despite all of those clever and clearly well thought out attempts at giving himself an advantage, Las Vegas odds makers still have the lowest opinion imaginable of Marquez’s chances at beating his Filipino counterpart.

Well, the weak odds are the least of Marquez’s problems. Apparently, somewhere along the way while he was trying to give himself he psychological advantage over the best pound-for-pound for fighter in the world he made a little mistake: Yes, he accidentally pissed Pacquiao off.

Not smart.

During a recent interview with, Top Rank boss Bob Arum (a.k.a. Pacquiao’s personal mouth piece) made it clear that his favorite client wasn’t particularly fond of the opposition. That while he did moderately respect Marquez as a rival, given their history and whatnot, his “whining” has irked the Filipino champion to no end.

"I think it's very personal for Manny because both fights were so close and I think the whining after the second fight didn't do Marquez any good," Arum said.

"Really the [third] fight was going to happen now anyway. In other words, it was senseless. All it did was make Marquez, who is a nice guy, look like a sore loser."

Over his last few victories, Pacquiao has absolutely destroyed the likes of Shane Mosley, Antonio Margarito, Joshua Clottey, Miguel Cotto and so on for big paydays. He never tried to deny that the matches were anything more than massive money grabs for him. This time around, if Pacquiao is really taking it personally as Arum suggests he is, Marquez may be in a world of trouble.

Then again, maybe Pacquiao will slip up this around. Maybe he won’t prepare adequately or something.

On a completely unrelated note, here is Pacquiao telling one and all precisely how prepared he is to throw Marquez a beating in less than two weeks.

Look, gaining some sort of psychological edge over a rival fighter is important – everyone acknowledges this much. But aimlessly poking the lion (in this case, Pacquiao) is equivalent to cutting off your nose to spite your face. You won’t gain an advantage, you’ll just make the unfortunate beating twice as bad and difficult to endure as it has to be.


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