Melvin Guillard on UFC 150: "I'm Expecting a Three-Round War"

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Though Melvin Guillard (30-10-2-1 NC) and Donald Cerrone (18-4-1 NC) have sparred together for three years, they have never had an official fight to see who is the best.

"Everybody's trying to compare me and Donald's sparring matches," said Guillard. "We sparred hard, but we were in there to work not kill each other. We don't get paid to train, we get paid to fight. This is our first time actually fighting each other, so it's not going to be the same as our sparring matches."

Guillard thinks the fight will go the full three rounds and hopes their performance delivers a great fight.

"I'm expecting a three round war," said Guillard. "I want it to live up to the hype. I don't want it to be a big disappoint. I really want the fans to get a fight of the night with this. I'm expecting the best out of myself. I'm not thinking about the money right now. I'm thinking about going out and performing at my best."

A win for Guillard, has him thinking it will help get him back into the title picture.

"We both agreed to go in and give the fans what they want," said Guillard. "I'm just keeping myself grounded and focused on the task. But the biggest task of all his winning. I'm tired of coming close to certain accomplishments and then having setbacks."

Guillard vs. Cerrone fight this Saturday, August 11, at UFC 151.

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