Melvin Guillard Opens Up About Greg Jackson

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Melvin Guillard (30-10-2-1 NC) was surprised when he heard that his upcoming opponent Donald Cerrone (18-4-1 NC) was not training with his head coach Greg Jackson the last month. Cerrone said he did this so people wouldn't think he was getting inside information from Jackson because he used to train Guillard.

"Greg is his coach now and no longer mine," said Guillard. "I do have a personal attachment with those guys away from fighting. Even if Greg did give him information about me, I'm still not the same fighter. I have changed and evolved several things in my game since then. I'm expecting the same out of Donald. I'm not expecting the same fighter when we were sparring partners. Sometimes you can't turn a blind eye to things like that. I know he's a different fighter."

Jackson will be in the corner of Corrone during the fight though and Guillard couldn't be more pleased.

"The plus side of this fight for me is I get my present and former coaches all at the same time," said

Guillard. "Greg still has a special place in my heart as not just a coach, but an individual. This guy helped me through a lot of personal things in my life and is one of the reasons why I matured overnight. He's been a big asset to my life, so it's kind of rewarding to get to fight for both set of coaches."

Guillard vs. Cerrone takes place August 11 at UFC 150.

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