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Melvin Guillard Changes His Gameplan, Beats Fabricio Camoes at UFC 148

Everybody loses in the UFC, but it is how you adjust that makes the difference. After getting submitted in his two previous fights, Melvin Guillard clearly changed his game plan in favor of a more calculating approach and it paid off. "The Young Assassin" earned a 30-27 unanimous decision at UFC 148.

Guillard is known for his relentless aggression and speed which has led to a rollercoaster career chalk full of stellar victories and disappointing losses. But in order to have consistent success inside the Octagon, Guillard has learned that aggression must be well timed as he employed a much more disciplined strategy against Camoes.

Facing a veteran grappler, Guillard actually capitalized on Camoes' attacks, punishing the Brazilian after two separate spinning attacks failed to hit. In both instances, Guillard was able to catch his off-balanced opponent and land some serious ground and pound. He also peppered Camoes throughout the three rounds with solid boxing and showed some nice takedown defense. It may not have been a highlight performance, but it was good enough for the victory.

Guillard rebounds after his loses to improve to 20-10-2 while Camoes drops to 14-7-1.

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