Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo Bedded Baby-Mama with Tacky Pickup Line

I am trying my hardest to imagine a pickup line more awful than the one in the headline. Even something cheesy like "I would love to see your clothes on my floor tonight," is not as bad as "Me, You, F**k F**k." Who says this kind of thing? Cristiano Ronaldo. With those four words he managed to pick up a waitress here in Los Angeles, and got her pregnant. There was no surrogate mother, although he did apparently pay her $15M for the baby and to be quiet about the whole thing.

I can understand the paying of the $15M for the baby, but I don't understand the confidentiality part. Why does it matter who she is? Is he ashamed of who he had sex with, or that someone agreed to have sex with him without protection by using that line?

The Daily Mirror says they interviewed the woman or at least know who she is. I am trying to decide why they will not say who it is. Why the mystery? The drama? A woman got pregnant and had a baby. All this is going to do is make me think there is something shady going on with all of this.

If she is out there, someone will talk. They always do.


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