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Redskins' McNabb: Super Bowl Doesn't Define Career

Washington Redskins QB Donovan McNabb was on the Kind David Show on WQYK 1010 AM recently, and he was talking about Super Bowl wins and how quarterbacks are judged by them. While he said he strives to win the big one, he doesn’t believe that it should define how good of a player he was when all is said and done.

“Well you know what, I’ve always been a big believer of winning a Super Bowl is obviously an outstanding achievement, but that really doesn’t reflect on what type of career that a person has had,” McNabb said, per Sheil Kapadia of “Many quarterbacks have had a lot of success putting numbers into the books, and having a lot of wins and whatever it may be, but were not able to win that Super Bowl. But does that really give a tell-tale of what type of quarterback that player was? No, I don’t think so.”

Essentially, he’s right. Is Mark Rypien better than Donovan? Is Trent Dilfer? Brad Johnson? Of course not. But, then again that doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t love to win it all at some point.

“But that is the ultimate goal which I shoot for,” he said. “You can have all the numbers. You can have all the touchdowns, whatever it may be. I would love to just win a Super Bowl. If I can accomplish that, hopefully good things can happen, and hopefully it’s with the Washington Redskins.”

Well, based on the offensive line you have right now, the lack of weapons on the outside and the amount of toasted running backs on the roster, it’s not looking good. Not right now anyway.


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