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McKayla Maroney Talks About Modeling, Fashion, Future Plans (Video)

McKayla Maroney and the Fierce Five were the focus of a lot media profiles and attention when they returned from London, so it’s only natural that some stuff went unnoticed. In between their national appearances on The Colbert Report, Letterman, and so on and so forth, their bits on local TV flew under the radar.  

Last Wednesday, Maroney returned home from the 2012 Games to a ridiculous red carpet spectacle. Fortunately, NBCLA was on hand to document everything that went down:

"It was so amazing," she said. "I immediately started getting super-duper emotional. I was just so shocked. ... It just meant so much to me, and I feel so happy right now."

When asked if she regretted the infamous facial expressed that catapulted her to fame, the most high profile member of the Fierce Five made it clear that she didn’t.

"I don't regret anything. Everything happens for a reason," Maroney said. "I still thought it was funny even in the very beginning."

And on what comes next:

"I have an agent and I love fashion and modeling and all that kind of stuff," Maroney said. "It's definitely one of my other passions, other than gymnastics."

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