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NFL: Ravens to Cut McGahee?

An NFL source tells Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun that the Baltimore Ravens will be cutting backup running back Willis McGahee when a new CBA is reached. At $3.6 million last year, he was a nice backup to Ray Rice. But, he’s scheduled to make $6 million this year, and that ain’t happening.

When Preston asked GM Ozzie Newsome if he was going to cut McGahee, he said “I have said there will be no players released before March 3.”

When he asked him if McGahee would be on the roster in 2011, he said, “Right now, there are a lot of things that could happen before next season.”

Preston argues that while McGahee isn’t worth holding onto at his current salary, the Ravens need to bring him back. He won’t command top dollar on the open market anyway, and he’s a good player for the Ravens who still has a decent amount left in the tank. Even if he’s not what he used to be.


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