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NFL: McDermott New Defensive Coordinator for Panthers

We found out this weekend that Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid was not telling the truth when he said Sean McDermott would remain as the team’s defensive coordinator. He was booted a couple of days ago and was made the scapegoat for what really had to do with injuries and poor defensive talent.

But, the good news is that he was only out of a job for a little less than 48 hours. New Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera has brought McDermott in to be his defensive coordinator.

The two are very familiar with one another as they worked together in Philadelphia as part of the Jim Johnson coaching tree. McDermott has the title of “defensive coordinator,” but Rivera has already said that he’ll be running the defense.

This might be the perfect role for the young McDermott. To kind of be in charge of the whole defense, but not really. Could be a great position for him to learn and grow.


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