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Eagles Update: McCoy Sore, Vick to Dress

The Philadelphia Eagles have been a little on the banged up side as of late. They are already without their starting left tackle this week, their running back has cracked ribs and they’ve played quarterback carousel pretty much all year due to injuries.

As for Michael Vick, Andy Reid said that he’ll dress this week, but he doesn’t know what his role will be.

I can’t tell you right now whether he’s going to be two or three,” Reid said.

“He was upbeat today,” he continued. “He was up, moving around. He feels a lot better today than he did [Thursday].”

As for LeSean McCoy, he’s going to play again this week, but he acknowledges that he’s not 100% recovered from the rib injury he suffered a couple weeks ago.

“You see it?” McCoy said, pointing to a raised area on his lower mid section. “It hurts. I guess it just takes time. The X-rays say it’s healing.”

Both men will be available this week against the Tennessee Titans. McCoy will likely get his regular workload while we have no clue what they’ll do with Vick.


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